Periodni sustav vremena

A calendar designed according to the periodic table of the elements. It consists of 3 sheets, each of which contains four months.

Periodic Table of Time (PTT) is a Laboratorium self-promotion calendar inspired by Mendeleev’s iconic Periodic Table of the Elements. PTT calendar was in its origins designed as a Xmas gift for our clients and friends. We used the scientific, ‘laboratory’ look to emphasize the experimental nature of our studio.

This 3-sheet calendar (4 months per sheet) easily shows three levels of time elements (the date, the day and the month), as well as conversion from date to day and back. The centred symbol represents the day, the number printed upper left symbolises the date, and the upper right number in brackets shows the month. Besides that, the PTT calendar provides a way to determine which days have significance as holidays (outline font marks Sundays and specifically Croatian holidays, while an asterisk in superscript is used to indicate holidays kept worldwide and explained below). The row numbers ahead of the table indicate the month in the current row.

This amusing but informative multiple time system helps you to organize your life and your future. PTT can be used as desktop, wall, or even wallpaper calendar.