Kristian Kožul

Monograph of Kristian Kozul, conceptual artist dealing with viewers emotions triggered by individual interpretation of transformed ready-made objects. He is using popular culture communication code exploring sensitive social issues / tabues (e.g. religion, politics, sexuality, Freudean childehood, perception of disability, death etc.) Kozul’s iconography is based on popular culture, camp, SM aesthetics, post-socialist interpretation of Croatian tradition etc.

For the artist whose art is based on the process of interpretation, using and modifying ready-made objects, we designed a book-object. It’s not only a collection of his reproductions but its interpretation.

Art direction, art objects photo-shooting and photo-documentarism of his socio-cultural background is completely focused on decoding his multilevel-messages to viewer. Kristian criticize. Still, we only descript with no critical involvement. Form and substance conflict of his works is transformed into book concept. Only by precise observing we find morbid connection between form and content. e.g. childhood – SM (Asylum); lace and pearls – pigs foot and skeleton (Wedlock); wedding cake – skeletons, gas masks (Feast); entertainment industry – disability (Discoware)… (2006)