The topic of the exhibition - the self-portrait - brought in its train the idea of an intimist approach to the work as the private autography, the personal trace, of each one of us.  Thus the invitations, the very first contact made between visitor and exhibition, were also totally hand made.  They were designed without the use of computer, and written by hand, with no resort to digital typography.  Each one was written in its own style in order get up as close as possible to the individual, the diametrically diverse from the mass (mass production, mass media and mass consumption). The interactive poster was a logical continuation of the interaction via which the visitors at the exhibition, drawn into the lives of the artists, now had themselves to take part. Each artist started a cycle by leaving a mark - a signature on the poster, which meant that each individual poster took on a modicum of unrepeatability.  This strictly limited production, restricted to a poster edition of just six copies and only one billboard, became an expression of authenticity and uniqueness. The catalogue itself was designed as a fanzine, conceived as a printed supplement to the interactive DVD that accompanied the visual identity of the exhibition with all the materials related to the show itself and with all the material that stemmed from it (such as photographs, video materials,  essays and newspaper articles). (2008)