Vizualni identitet ručno rađene pogače od smokava s otoka Visa specifičnog oblika i teksture. Pakiranje ostavlja sam proizvod jasno vidljivim i opipljivim, te naglašava njegova prirodna, mediteranska i “home made” svojstva.

The visual identity for an indigenous product with a very distinctive taste, texture and form known as Hib  leads us to a simply thought-through approach that lets the product itself be visible and palpable, emphasising its natural, Mediterranean and home-made characteristics. Hib has a tradition of being made in the same spot since Antiquity, and so the project also represents the revival of a long-since forgotten treat that has been developed today into a worthy souvenir from a holiday on the island of Vis (Croatia).  The visual communication thus evokes the home-made, the ecological, this retro island product via the use of cheap materials like brown paper, jute fabric, string, and the use of stamps instead of printing for bags, boxes and wrapping paper. (2009)