Frakcija / Goat Island

Special edition of performing arts magazine Frakcija, covering the Goat Island project: 'Reflections on the process' (as Part 1), and 'Reflections on the performance' (as Part 2) published in June 2005. Goat Island/Frakcija  is a work in progress publication that follows work in progress theatrical performance.

How to put together publish wide range of different materials (text, e-mails, sketches, old book illustrations, different kinds of visual materials, research methods and results etc.) on one hand and on the other how to keep this beautiful looseness. There is no order, or page numbering, magazine is made like collection of items/articles not bound together, so information and observations could be experienced and combined individuality just like they do on the stage: each performance is made different by changing order of its scenes. Every reader create his own perception and draw his own conclusion. Part 1 consists of material that inspired or have been used for this performance. Part 2 is planned to be arranged as a series of reflections made after performances combined with photos taken on the rehearsals or actual performances. (2004-2005)